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Roof Styles

Round Eaves

This is our most popular style of carports. The standing seams on the roof panels go from end to end, which will allow all fluids to travel to either chosen end. This roof style does have a 6 inch overhang on the ends.


Want something more stylish? The A-Frame Horizontal comes with Gable Roof shape, which creates a overhang of 6 inches all around.

Vertical A-Frame

Trying to protect from snow or debris? A-frame Verticals are the best option for easy maintenance and for snow/debris removal.

Round Style Roof
Horizontal A Frame
Vertical A Frame
* Warranty against leaks is void on all horizontal roofs over 31' long

We can build anything as small as needed, to over 40' wide, over 100' Long! Let us know what you need and we can get you a quote


Site Preparation

Site preparation is very important for a good installation. As a reminder we are not responsible for any site prep. Below are a few steps that will help with building install:

  • Mark all underground lines, where anchoring will take place.
  • Land must be squared and leveled. Call for more details.

  • Minimum workspace of 2 ft around entire structure.

  • When overhead power lines are involved, a minimum of 10 ft is needed or power lines must be completely shut off.


Galvanized Steel

  • All of our materials used are 100% galvanized

  • 14 gauge (.o75 inches) have a 10 Year Limited Warranty

  • 12 gauge (.105 inches) have a 20 Year Limited Warranty

12 or 14 Gauge


  • The baserail is the foundation of the building, each welded sleeve is approximately 4ft apart center to center. Longest single baserail that we manufacture is 25 feet long.

Baserail with welded sleeves


  • Vary from sizes of 12 feet wide up to 60 feet wide.

VAF 8.jpg
A Frame or Round styles
  • Sheet Metal

  • They are 29 gauge in thickness. Our longest single panel is 31' long.

29 Gauge Standard Sheet Metal

Roll-Up Doors

  • We offer sizes starting at 6' x 7' up to 14' x 14'.

Roll up Doors


  • Pin Anchors/Concrete Anchors

  • All buildings anchored to ground come with pin anchors unless building is being anchored down on concrete.

Pin or Concrete Anchors
18x40x10 VAF.jpg
  • Auger Mobile Home Anchors/Rock Anchors

    • These are used for additional anchoring when needed.

Utility Carport
Mobile Home Auger Anchors or Rock Anchors
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