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Build on Site


  • BOS has a 10% charge paid separately to the builder at the time of installation for standard builds.


  • All remaining balances due are to be paid when the BOS crew arrives to the job site prior to the unloading of any material.


  • The footprint of the shed must be within 3 FEET of level to proceed with the job. If the job site is not level, talk to the builder about the number of blocks that will be needed.


  • There must be 3 FEET of space all the way around the shed that is level for the builders to build the shed. No shed can be built closer than 3 feet to fences, buildings, tree, or other objects.


  • The builder must be able to get a one-ton truck and 30’ trailer within 300 ft of where the shed will be built. There must be safe, legal parking.  There must be a corridor of 4’ wide and 8’ tall to get material to the jobsite.


  • There must be an adequate power source to run tools.


  • If these requirements cannot be met, please contact the builder for applicable fees.


  • All BOS sheds will come with a wooden floor, unless noted in the original order form.

  • No Rent-To-Own for Build on sites. ​

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